Middle School Leadership Team Announced


It is with the greatest of excitement that we announce our Middle School Leaders for 2022:

Middle School Captains 
- Louis Emmanuel Mina Montalvo Wu
- Nisa Ahsani Iravani

Chapel Captains:
- Miles Descroizilles
- Naomi Sweeney

Finney Captains:
- Elijah Elsayed
- Emily White

Newton Captains:
- Jacob Millar
- Sophie Petherick (absent in photo)

Rayleigh Captains:
- Isaac Drummond
- Ella-Rose Hamilton

Tyndale Captains:
- Tom O'Connor
- Madison Powell

Thanking you in advance for your future contributions to our College community and we will be praying for God's divine wisdom, guidance and abundant blessings upon each of you as you step up to LOVE faithfully, LEAD diligently, LEARN passionately and LIVE Purposefully.  

Here is an extract from Assembly of the announcement