Charlie Mitchell's Newfound Fame

Charlie Mitchell

'Humble' and 'kind' are just some of the words used to describe King's KTTC student, Charlie Mitchell, whose hopes of sharing his God-given talents with a worldwide audience, look set to become a reality. Charlie is enjoying studying Construction at KTTC but also has plans to pursue his dreams in singing, once he completes his trade.

‘I started singing four years ago but I've always loved it.’ Charlie said. ‘Jazz is my preferred genre and I enjoy performing to entertain people and make them smile.’ Charlie’s dad is the person who inspires him most and is possibly his biggest fan. ‘My dad inspires and motivates me because he drives me to all my gigs, even as far as four hours away. He always waits for me to finish... sometimes very late at night.’

Charlie started sharing his music on social media and received an Instagram message from someone in America who is a friend of famous music producer, Narada Walden. Narada has produced for some legendary names, including Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Eddie Murphy, Ray Charles, James Brown and Lionel Ritchie, to name a few. Narada saw Charlie’s remarkable talent and contacted him to produce a song together. At only 16 years old, Charlie feels very fortunate that a break like this has come so early in his career. And while the reality of this exciting news is still sinking in, the promising partnership looks set to be the start of something huge for our talented King’s kid.

Charlie has already learned some big life lessons in the early days of his music career and offered some advice to King's young performers. ‘The truth is you’ll get plenty of criticism as a musician.’ He said. ‘I’ve just learned to take criticism as a way to continually improve. You need to be able to accept it, and not give up if it feels like you’ve failed the first time.' Perseverance is a King's Foundational Value that we continually develop in our students, and we applaud Charlie for showing such perseverance as he reaches for the stars.

Congratulations Charlie - we look forward to watching your singing career with expectancy for many great things to come!