Students Display Foundational Values During NAPLAN


2023 NAPLAN testing began this week for all Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 students across Australia. This year's testing period commenced at King's on Wednesday, 15 March, with the Writing test. Year 3 students handwrote their answers, while the other years completed the test online using their school devices. Our teachers were very impressed to see all students display King's Foundational Values during their tests, particularly courage, self-control, perseverance and excellence, as they gave their best to attempt every question. Well done for your hard work and dedication.

We want to express our thanks to King's families for their unwavering support throughout NAPLAN - for ensuring your children were organised with their devices, arrived at school on time and were well-rested for these important exams. It was heartwarming to see our Year 5 tradition continue this year with the ‘NAPLAN surprise,’ which includes handwritten notes of encouragement from each parent to their child which sat on their desk during their exam to spur them on. NAPLAN requires a cooperative effort and we couldn't do it without the support of our community. Monday, 20 March, marks the last day of NAPLAN for Primary, while High School have their last test on Tuesday, 21 March, and any catch up tests on Wednesday, 22 March. We wish our students well as they complete the tests for 2023. NAPLAN reports will be sent home later in the year.