NAPLAN Testing Complete for 2022

Online Testing

Our very first year of NAPLAN testing online is now complete. Everything went very smoothly as all technical elements worked well, students were prepared and organised, and teachers navigated the online system beautifully. Parents - thanks again for your support and encouragement throughout NAPLAN to ensure that your children arrived at school on time, with the right equipment, had a healthy lunch to help with concentration, and were well rested for their exams. Students - well done on your participation and completion of NAPLAN testing for another year.

Whole School Testing - From Week 8

High School will commence Whole School Testing for Years 7 - 10 students in Week 8 (from Monday, 6 June). Students will need to be regularly checking Compass news for any updates or changes, be organised each day, and apply themselves to ensure they can perform at their best. Our teachers look forward to obtaining the testing data so that we can optimise learning experiences for all of our students.