NASA Challenges Year 5s to be Successful Learners


This term Year 5 in PBL (Project Based Learning) we have been working on NASA and astronauts.  The Year 5 students worked on slides for completing the task of answering the driving question,”What can we learn from NASA to acquire the skills for being a successful PBL Learner”? This was the main question that relates to the PBL slides for Term 1. 

All of Year 5 enjoyed this topic, it was challenging, complex, and pushed them to try their best. Year 5 learned about handing in their work on time and how astronauts live in space. We learned about the order of the planets and how hard it is for the astronauts to exercise in the International Space Station. We also learned about communication over time. We looked at old-time phones, satellites, tv, rockets, radios and more old-time equipment and compared them to the new, modern versions. 

The Year 4 cohort came into our classrooms to take a look at what we had done. Year 5 explained how to line draw and animate their own faces. We blessed them with Milky Way chocolates, and colouring sheets linked to space. Each student made graduation hats to show that they have graduated from our space/NASA subject. We are super excited to see the topic we will have next term!

-Article By Ardaas Mann and Saraa Bath