King's Opens New Primary Building

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New Primary Building 2023 1 Web 3

Our Primary School community were especially excited to return to King’s this year and explore their incredible new building, which opened on the first day of school. The innovative precinct was carefully designed to offer a comfortable and inspiring space for students to learn and grow. The building incorporates large windows that fill our Year 3 classrooms with lots of natural light to boost creativity, mood and mental focus, while its state-of-the-art furniture and equipment also enhance the overall learning experience. Primary Reception is located on the ground floor of the new building, offering a spacious and convenient place for parents to get any administration support they need. Mrs Wendjyk and her students are enjoying their specialist lessons in the amazing art studio, and many students are also making the most of the new outdoor play zone and adjoining walkway to the Year 1 and 2 classroom block.

Thanks again to our King’s parents for your support during the construction process. We invite you to take a walk through our new building next time you are on campus and we look forward to our official building opening with government dignitaries, later in the year.

"This new building has been the talk of the town and has already become the favourite place of students and teachers alike. We are so grateful to work in such an amazing workplace and are enjoying our spacious new staff room!"