NRL Players Visit Year 5 Students

PM Year 5 NRL Simply Your Best 9837

The National Rugby League (NRL) visited our campus to deliver a presentation to our Year 5 students. The presentation was part of the League Stars inspire program in which this year’s key message was on the topic “Simply your Best”.  The NRL staff encouraged our students using the platform of rugby league to educate and inspire students to simply do their best in all aspects of life and the positive impact this can have on them and the teams they are part of including their class, school, family, activity group or sporting team.

Amongst those in attendance with the NRL game development staff were two current Gold Coast Titans players, New Zealand Kiwi Fern representative, Hailee-Jay Ormom and Australian Jillaroo player, Jamie Chapman. The players shared their personal journeys, emphasising the importance of giving one’s best effort in various aspects of life. The interactive nature of the presentation allowed students to connect with players, making the message even more impactful and relatable.

As our students absorbed the lessons, the “Simply Your Best” mantra resonated with them and we know will motivate them to take pride in their efforts and strive for greatness.

We thank the NRL for bringing this experience to our students and we wish the Gold Coast Titans a successful year.  Go Titans!