Our Remarkable Results from Australian History Competition


The Australian History Competition is an educational event encouraging students to explore and deepen their understanding of Australia's rich history. Students from Years 7 – 10 participated in this competition by answering engaging multiple-choice questions that covered different aspects of the country's past, fostering critical thinking and historical awareness. It's a fun and enlightening way for young minds to connect with Australia's history and culture and King’s student did exceptionally well in this year’s competition, achieving the following results:

• Year 7 - Matthew Cai, Reuben Dharmawan, Luka Hart, Flynn Hooker, Jai Papworth, Luiza Rissen McCarthy, Hudson Ritchie
• Year 8 - Tyler Braun, Tristan Cook, Ashton Dablar, Allegra Lewis, Zelri Marais, Julia Tezel, Willow Van and Archer Vanroon
• Year 9 - Olive Lucas, Ethan Maguire, Zoe Mitchell, Ethan Swanepoel, Thomas Swanepoel, and Abby Yang

• Year 7 - Michelle Huang, Jacob Keelan, Eloise Morichovitis, Frederick Na, Lane Sentance, Katrina Vellilappillil
• Year 8 - Elias Giovas, Shanuka Silva, Rayden Tiong and Micah Young
• Year 9 - Lachlan Lambert, Sancia Stephen, Jamie Liddell, Emilia Wruck, Aidan Metcalfe, Noor Ngangambi, and Ava Sanson

High Distinctions
• Year 8 - Thomas Beakley, WooJoon Ki and Noah Page
• Year 9 - Milli Beakley, Jedidiah Johnstone and Alessia Ulpiano

State Champion
For the second time in the three years King's has participated, our College had a State Champion awardee. Congratulations to our Year 9 student Alessia Ulpiano! 

(Our Year 7-8 students received their awards on 31 August and the Year 9-10 will receive theirs next week).