Parent Teacher Conferences & Term 2 Goal Setting


On Tuesday and Wednesday of Week 3, our High School teachers eagerly participated in Parent Teacher Conferences. Teachers enjoy these evenings as it gives them a chance to discuss students’ learning progress and also learn a little more about their students' family, co-curricular interests, goals and life outside of school. It is very important to set time aside to chat with teachers about your child’s strengths and areas for improvement. We hope that these conferences gave you a better understanding of your child’s recent academic performance and that you found the experience to be informative, productive and worthwhile.

If you were not able to secure an interview with a specific teacher or were unable to book during the two designated evenings, there is another opportunity to meet early in Term 3. Teachers are also available for contact over email. Your feedback is always valuable and helps us to tailor our teaching approach to meet the needs of each student. It would be very helpful if you would complete the Parent Teacher Conferences survey on Compass. 

Complete Parent Teacher Conference SURVEY

Term 2 Goal Setting

Now that Term 2 is well underway and some assessment marks have been released in each subject area, it is a perfect time for your child and/or your family to set goals for each subject. While some students might be aiming for an A, others might be aiming to increase from a B- to a B or aiming to increase the Learning Habit of Seeks and Acts on Feedback.

We would also encourage you to consult your child’s Assessment Schedule regularly so that you can gauge the level of time your child should be spending on their assessment items. It might be handy to keep the schedule in a prominent place in your child’s room or on the fridge, so on those evenings where there is no set homework, students can be working towards the completion of assessments. Assessment schedules are available via the Compass app following these steps:

School Attendance

Finally, it is very important that your child attends school each day as consistent attendance is always linked with academic attainment. Lessons and Compass materials are designed sequentially, so missing one lesson can make it difficult for the student and the class to make progress. If your child is sick and has to be off school, the expectation is that they catch up on the classwork and homework set by their teachers, as falling behind can knock on the next section of work. This information is posted onto their subject Compass pages.

Your involvement in your child’s education is crucial to their success. We look forward to continuing to work together to help your child reach their full potential.