Pre-Preps Visit Big School


In the last couple of weeks, our Pre-Prep classes have begun visiting the “big school” in preparation for their journey into Prep next year. 

Our young Lorikeets and Kookaburras were overjoyed to join our lower primary students in the Chapel for a unique blend of fun and worship. Witnessing the excitement in their eyes as they engaged in songs, stories, and moments of reflection was truly heartwarming. These shared experiences have not only created a sense of community but have also nurtured their spiritual growth as they discover the beauty of coming together to worship and learn. Each class will soon visit the Chapel if they haven’t already!

All four of our Pre-Prep classes have also taken the next step in their exploration by venturing into the Prep classrooms through a series of engaging rotations. Each room has opened a new door to discovery, catering to different aspects of their blossoming personalities. These exploratory visits have not only expanded their horizons but have also allowed them to interact with older peers, fostering a sense of camaraderie and building connections that extend beyond the classroom walls.

Our Noah’s Ark Pre-Preppies can’t wait for their next visit to “big school”!