Prep Teddy Bear's Picnic


Every year at King's, our Prep students receive their own King's teddy bear to welcome them to their first day of school in the Prep Centre. Dressed in a mini King's sports uniform, these adorable teddies provided some extra comfort for our brave Prep students as they embraced the new and exciting changes that the first day of school invoked. They also celebrated their Day One milestone with a memorable Teddy Bear's Picnic lunch in the Lower Primary Playground precinct, where our Prep community enjoyed getting to know all of the new friendly faces in the cohort. The special event was a highlight for many of the students during their first week of Prep and is likely to be remembered for years to come. 

To comfort our courageous Prep parents, our thoughtful teachers prepared them a school starter pack including a tissue, tea bag and chocolate to say goodbye, as well as the book 'Socially' Starting Out' by Liz Giovas.