Prep - Year 2 Athletics Carnival 2022


Prep - Year 2 enjoyed their exciting 2022 Athletics Carnival at King's on Wednesday, 10 August, and attempted all of the track and field activities with enthusiasm and determination. They participated in mini-events such as novelty relays, sprints, foam rocket throwing, long jump, high jump and ball games. Our incredible Carnival was boosted by a huge turnout of King’s families who added to the full-filled vibe. Well done to all of our athletes for giving your best and to our speedy sprint winners who crossed the finish line fastest to receive a ribbon for their age group. Congratulations RAYLEIGH who won the House Champions title!

Sprint Winners

AGE GROUP1st2nd3rd
Prep GirlsCaitlin McCauleyGeorgia LazaroPearl Cannone
Prep BoysMax LittleEvander Skipps
Atticus Donovan

Year 1 GirlsAzalea PirottaAmelia OakesMaddie Merka
Year 1 BoysJaxon DurackEmilie de BruinTheo Semaan
Year 2 GirlsIsabel ShambrookSandra OkonkwoLily Buxton
Year 2 BoysRiggins Vieyra
Grayson Little
Jackson Lucas