Primary Specialists Review of Term 1


Specialists have been very busy this term enjoying teaching their various specialist areas.

In Music, students have enjoyed learning a variety of musical instruments including guitar, percussion and the recorder. They have also responded to musical elements with a variety of different pieces. Overall they have enjoyed this term immensely.

PE with Mr Foster and Ms Bogatie has been full of new experiences despite the rainy and hot weather. Students have learnt new games, new movements and new sports while using new equipment. Looking forward to Term 2 and extending the student's knowledge and experiences in PE.

Art with Mrs Doyle has been a creative time as students learnt to weave, paint and draw in various mediums. Students are looking forward to more creative art lessons in Term 2.

STEM with Mrs Clark and Ms Bogati has been enjoyable, exciting and interesting.  During the term Stem Habits of Mind were taught through various science lessons for P-2 students,  Australian plant biodomes were made in year 3 and robotics, coding for years 4, 5, and 6 were really fun lessons.

In Spanish, the students have been kept on their toes whilst learning the fundamentals of the Spanish language. It has been remarkable to see how easily the students can learn a second language with Mrs Olivaries 

Overall it’s been a crazy fun-filled term and students have loved the dynamics of learning. They have embraced the challenges and accepted the unexpected twists and turns we all had. 

God has orchestrated something special for Term 2 and we look forward to walking into it. See you all around the campus.

Judy Clark
Specialist Lead Teacher STEM Teacher