Primary Students Discover the Joy of Gardening


Primary school students have been learning about sustainability and gardening as they care for the school's vegetable garden. Under the guidance of their teacher, Mr Grahame Anderson, students have been looking after the garden by weeding and watering the garden beds. This hands-on experience has allowed the students to learn about plant life cycles, the importance of composting and the benefits of growing fresh produce. 

Students have propagated tomatoes and lettuce from seed and learned about the different stages of plant growth. They have also been composting their green waste, which has not only helped fertilise the soil but has also taught the students about reducing waste and the importance of recycling.

The students have also been caring for a worm farm, which has been an exciting addition to their gardening activities. The worm farm has allowed the students to learn about the important role of worms in the ecosystem and the benefits of using worm castings as fertiliser.

The gardening project has been a great success and primary students have thoroughly enjoyed their daily gardening activities during their first break. Students have developed essential life skills such as responsibility and teamwork and made new friendships through their shared love of gardening.