Intercampus Strings Workshop Strikes a Harmonious Chord

Logan Village

On July 10, the curtain closed on our captivating Intercampus Strings Workshop , an immersive celebration of our students' musical journey that resonated throughout the day. With an international guest conductor gracing the event, the workshop was a symphonic marvel, weaving together the talents of our young string musicians into a harmonious masterpiece. Five exceptional students from Logan Village campus showcased their dedication and skill, leaving a lasting impression with their exceptional performances. Among them, one of the youngest musicians was selected to shine as part of the orchestra, showcasing remarkable talent and potential. Parents within our school community had the privilege of witnessing their children's growth and creativity unfold on stage, a testament to the profound impact of music education. This day-long experience served as a reminder of the unifying power of melodies and the indelible mark they leave on both performers and listeners alike.