SAVE THE DATE - Celebration Evening 9 November 2022


We look forward to celebrating the successes of our students at our upcoming Primary and High School Celebration Night. During this event, we will be presenting our prestigious annual awards in the auditorium, followed by photos and fun on the field! Parents will be notified by email, prior to the event, to let them know if their child will be receiving an award. All students are required to wear their formal uniform to the event. All students are required to wear their formal school uniform, including ties for junior boys. Senior boys also require long pants and blazers. Senior girls are to wear their King's socks and blazers. 

During our Primary Celebration, we will have entertainment, including student items, on the top field until 6:00pm. Food and drinks will also be available for purchase. 

At the conclusion of the stage performances, high school families are invited to enjoy a more intimate atmosphere outside the HUB and library with live music, snacks, and drinks.


  • Prep   - 2:00pm
  • Year 1 - 2:40pm
  • Year 2 - 3:20pm
  • Year 3 - 4:00pm
  • Year 4 - 4:40pm
  • Year 5 - 5:20pm
  • Year 6 - 6:00pm

High School Award Presentations in the Auditorium

  • Year 7 & Year 8   - 6:40pm
  • Year 9 & Year 10 - 7:30pm