National Science Week at King's

Reedy Creek

National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology. This year’s theme was 'Food: Different by Design,' in honour of the United Nations International Year of Fruit and Vegetables. King's loves participating in this initiative every year as a way to explore the incredibly complex and interesting world God has created, through the lens of science. 

This year our library collaborated with the High School Science department to facilitate interactive science activities for students in the Main Library's communal spaces. Mr Holman, from King's science teaching team, ran experiments for students during lunch breaks, while Mrs Roberts, King's Librarian, conducted experiments in Year 5 and 6 library lessons. Miss Baldwin, King's Head of Science in High School (with the help of her colleagues), staged some jaw-dropping experiments to show the impressive strength of eggshells. These were recorded and viewed by High School students in class and can also be viewed via the buttons below. Primary classes incorporated a range of science activities into their week, and Year 6 enjoyed investigating robotics, water rockets, fruit electrical circuits and handmade water filtration systems.

Standing on Eggs ExperimentSqueezing Eggs ExperimentDownward Force on Half Eggshells