Seaworld Incursion Starts Science Week at King's


Year 5 was blessed to begin Science Week for 2023 with a visit from Seaworld’s marine biologists, Ellen and Georgia, who shared various topics about marine science. Their insightful presentations covered a range of subjects, from the value of research to cutting-edge technologies shaping the future of marine animal studies.

1. The Importance of Research: Ellen and Georgia emphasised the vital role that research plays in understanding and conserving our marine ecosystems. Through meticulous observation and analysis, researchers can unravel the mysteries of the ocean and make informed decisions to safeguard its delicate balance.

2. Harnessing Technology for Dolphin Health: One captivating aspect of their presentation was the utilisation of drones and infrared technology to assess the wellbeing of dolphins. By remotely observing dolphins' health through these innovative tools, researchers can detect potential issues early on, contributing to effective conservation strategies.

3. Drones and Biomarkers: Our guest presenters also delved into the unique use of drones to collect biomarkers from marine animals. The non-invasive technique allows scientists to gather valuable data about the animals' health and stress levels, without causing disruption.

4. Shark Deterrent Research: They shared about the exciting new shark deterrent research which has immense implications for both marine safety and conservation. By better understanding shark behaviour and testing various deterrent methods, researchers aim to create solutions that foster coexistence between marine life and human activities.

6. Innovating Marine Animal Research Technology: In the final part of their presentation, Ellen and Georgia sparked a thought-provoking conversation about the future of marine animal research technology. They encouraged attendees to brainstorm ways to innovate and create new tools that can revolutionize how we study and conserve marine life.