Senior Students Savour 'Book Tasting'


Over the last two weeks, our senior library hosted a 'Book Tasting' for our Year 5 & 6 students to expand their reading palate. The 'Book Tasting' gave them the opportunity to engage in reading, while familiarising them with a wide variety of genres and books they might not have considered in the past. Year 6 students were given a 'Taste' of our Middle School fiction books, ready for Year 7 next year. We enjoy coming up with new and creative ways to encourage our students to read and experience the love of literacy.

Book Tasting Reviews

  • I didn’t expect to like these kinds of books, but now I’m interested. I was surprised how I liked the book so much I liked it; I would definitely read historical fiction again - Kamila 6C
  • I enjoyed how I got to read books I would probably never think of reading - Liliana 6RC
  • I liked the Book tasting because I am not normally into realistic fiction but now I am - Scarlett 6RC
  • It was good introducing to some new books that I quite enjoyed, Thanks! - Heidi 6RC
  • I enjoyed getting a chance to read different books from the high school fiction collection - Shayley 6J
  • I liked that we got to read in high school. It was fun and interesting - Laura 6RJ
  • I enjoyed reading my book. I thought that I wouldn’t like the book that I chose but I did. I liked being introduced to new books - Isla 6RJ
  • It was interesting to find a new genre. I thought it would be boring, I was surprised that I’d like mystery books, but I loved them - Micah 6RD
  • The tasting was fun, to get to see the types of books I can read next year. I was interested in the difference from primary books to the yellow dot (Middle school fiction) books. This introduction to the middle school books was fun and cool - Marli 6RD
  • I liked the book tasting because that way we got to touch every book. We also got to discover more books that related to our interests - Michelle 5RO