Snow Trip Report

It was a very early start on the first day in Canberra. We jumped on the buses at 5:45 am. Before we knew it, we were on our way to Brisbane Airport. On the plane, people were very sleepy, but some were wide awake like I was. Time flew past in a flash, and we were all in Canberra. We went to the War Memorial, we then drove past the ANZAC Parade Memorials, then we looked at the Mount Ainslie view and went to Questacon. On the second day, we went to the Electoral Education centre to learn about the government and then went to see the Parliament House. After we went to the Parliament House, we drove for three hours to get to Jindabyne. On the third and fourth days, we went skiing all day in Thredbo. 

As time flew past, we were back at the airport ready to go home. My favourite part of the trip was the amazing chapels after a great day of skiing. I would definitely go again in the future.

Kate Duckworth 
Year 8 Student, King's Pimpama