Year 3's Blast into Space Camp


Year 3 students enjoyed a very special visit with American teachers from Convoy of Hope on Tuesday, 5 September, who brought their Space Camp school program to King's. Space Camp has already seen great success in America and our students were privileged to be the first in Australia to experience it firsthand. Space Camp is an exciting innovation where students can send real-time messages and interact live with the International Space Station, use Virtual Reality to experience orbit and control robots to play games against each other. Our students certainly had a lot of fun as they were challenged to take on the impossible, building their resilience and confidence.

Convoy of Hope is a global humanitarian organisation with a mandate to serve and help those in need. They serve the poor, hurting and marginalised in many ways through their programs, which include feeding children, women's empowerment and natural disaster response. The Space Camp Schools' Program is just one of the ways they are bringing awareness and fun into the classroom so that more young people can learn about the needs of our global community.

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