Spring Fair Huge Success


Saturday 19 August was a day filled with laughter, excitement, and endless fun at the highly anticipated King's Pimpama Spring Fair! Families basked in the warmth of the spring sun as they soaked in the festive atmosphere that brought family, friends, and a whole lot of smiles as we created unforgettable memories together.

🎡 The students and families experienced the thrill of a new carnival ride called the Round-Up that had kids soaring through the sky, spinning 'round and 'round, and giggling with delight. The Teacup, Big Slides, Laser Skirmish, Mini golf, and the Go carts were firm favourites for everyone.

🎪 + 🛍️ The vibrant stalls offered a wide variety for the savvy shopper, from unique items, handcrafted goodies, luxury handbags, plants, photographers, Christian apparel to many novelties and children's toys and delicious food.  The P&F sausage sizzle is always a firm favourite on the day along with the Bake Sale.  Thank you to the parents who supported this stall with their yummy baking delights.

🐾 Petting Zoo: The enchantment of the petting zoo was a highlight, where you could get up close and personal with the adorable animals. From fluffy rabbits to gentle goats, this was a wonderful opportunity for kids and adults alike to connect with our furry friends.

💃 Mesmerizing Performances: Families were captivated by the grace and talent of our dazzling dance groups and energetic cheer squads. Their performances had the audience tapping their toes to the beat.  Thank you to King's Dance and Cheer for their support.

🎶 Melodic Tunes: Thank you to our musical students who performed on stage and added to a wonderful day of enjoyment.

🍔 Delectable Eats: The wide array of culinary delights from our market and food vendors was a big hit once again. From savory to sweet, there was a treat for every palate. We hope you enjoyed the mouthwatering delights!

We can't wait to start organising next year's event where we will continue to create cherished memories together at our Spring Fair! 🌼🎉