Students Apply Digital Technologies Using BBC Microbits

Digital Technology

In our Digital Technologies classes at King's, our students gain valuable skills in critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity, while working with the latest technology in education. Our Year 7 and 8 students have been doing some exciting work this term using BBC Microbits. These pocket-sized computers are a powerful tool for teaching programming and electronics to students, and making 'wearable technologies' is a fun and engaging way to introduce them to these skills.

Our Digital Technologies teacher, Mr Elliot, began by teaching students the basics of programming and they then used the Microbit's online code editor to write and test programs. In small teams, the students built wearable projects to develop their technical skills, while improving their teamwork and communication. Once students completed their projects, they were encouraged to showcase their work to the class and create a video of their finished product. This helped them develop their presentation skills and share their creations with their peers.

These skills will be invaluable to them in their future careers. I encourage parents to their child about their experiences in Digital Technologies and to learn more about the BBC Microbits. Together, we can inspire our students to become the future innovators and leaders in the world of technology.

Mr Mal Galer
Director of Digital Learning