Students Inspired by St George Mission Trip


Twenty-four high school students from Years 9-11 were chosen to travel to St George over the first weekend of the Easter holidays. The team arrived at school at 8:00 am to have breakfast before everyone boarded the bus for a wonderful mission trip. Mr Verreynne and Mrs Hamilton kindly prayed for us before we left on our journey.  

On the bus, the students played games, blasted music through the speaker and just had a great time.  After a full day of travelling, they arrived in St George at 5:30 pm. 

On the first night, Mrs Colloty shared an amazing word about Prophecy. Each morning on the trip the team started their day with devotions.  On the first official day in St George, a small group of students served breakfast to a local school. The team also got busy and cleaned the community homes and helped around with mowing and gardening. 

At the end of the first day, the King's Pimpama students hosted Wildfire - a youth event -  with the St George youth over the course of the trip.  The students enjoyed meeting, getting to know and talking to the kids from the region. Lani Grieve shared a poignant message entitled "The Thief"

Our students helped out at a farm with cleaning and weeding as part of their service.  

"The farm had adorable 3-month-old puppies. They were so cute and we loved having them around," said Kate Duckworth, Year 9 student.

After cleaning up the farm, the team stopped at a local cotton farm and took some group photos and learned about the fields. 

On the second night of Wildfire, Dylan Grieve spoke an amazing word, "Marked by Encounter". 

On day four, the team had church in the morning which was assisted by six servant-hearted Year 11 students, while the rest were preaching in the kid's church. After church, our students helped clean up more houses, followed by an afternoon of fun and a swim in a local river. Our King's teaching staff -  Mrs Francis, Mr Francis and Miss Soper - all spoke a touching word at the St George King's Church at the evening service. After the service, the students wrote letters to one another to inspire each other and played games.

"It was such an awesome night connecting with one another," said Kate. 

The team departed from St George at 9:00 am and after a day's journey by bus arrived back at King's Pimpama at 5.00 pm excited to see their parents.

The students all agreed that going on the mission trip is an amazing opportunity to reflect and to be inspired by the hard-working spirit that builds them up to serve. "If you get this opportunity in the future, you should take it," said all the 2023 St George Missions Trip team.