Subject Selection for Academic Success


Prepare well for subject changes and subject selection

Student:  “I want to change from Business to Biology…..”
Miss Lean:  “So what do you know about Biology?”
Student:  “ ….um... it’s about the body.”
Miss Lean:  “Biology starts to look at multicellular organisms, infectious disease and ecosystem dynamics, for starters….Do you still want to study Biology?”

Knowing why a student wants to change subjects is important. It shouldn't just be about being with friends. A student needs to want to learn about the topic or have a sense that the skills and content will be beneficial to them in some way. For students in Year 9, it is still a time of exploring subjects to see what suits their personality, talents and interests as they start to narrow their selection down in preparation for senior subjects.

Before a student makes an appointment with High School to change subjects, or before students have to make their subject selection for Year 9 and 10 later this year, they can now access detailed subject information online. King's provide subject-specific videos, links to the senior syllabus and overviews of subjects on students’ Compass homepages. Having the information at your fingertips right now empowers students to be able to start conversations with parents, staff and peers about those new subjects they are considering.

How to Find Subject Information on Compass
  1. Login to student COMPASS account 
  2. Click the MY STUDY button
  4. View information on various subject options

Senior subject selection needs to take more into consideration, including any compulsory subjects that are needed to gain entry into a certain university/TAFE course or trade option. At King’s we have a great careers program embedded into the timetable in our Academic Mindsets classes as well as additional programs and careers events to help students explore their options. We also encourage parents to take time to explore options with their children as they begin to focus on a pathway that leads them towards their goals.

Venessa Lean
Dean of Academic Development