Next Gen Summit Equips Students to Lead Well

"A transformational experience that awakens young people to a grander vision and purpose for their lives."

King’s Year 11 and 12 students, along with Year 9 Captains from Reedy Creek and Pimpama campus, spent the first day of Term 2 being inspired by influential leaders during the NEXT GEN Global Leadership Summit (GLS) held in the Auditorium.

The College's mission has always focussed on ‘Educating students in Christian leadership for tomorrow's generation’ and this powerful conference was an intentional investment into this mission, as it equipped senior students with more tools for successful Christian leadership throughout their generation.

NEXT GEN GLS is run by the Global Leadership Network Australia as an adaptation to the renowned Global Leadership Summit and was created to increase the capacity of emerging young leaders. King’s 350 influencers in attendance enjoyed engaging live sessions and pre-recorded messages from world-class speakers, including Jia Jiang who spoke on becoming Rejection Proof and how he purposefully set out to experience rejection to gain courage; Vanessa Van Edwards opened student’s minds to the Science of Leadership; Krish Kandiah spoke on VIP Leadership; Liz Bohannon delved into ‘Beginners Pluck,’ and Bear Grylls ended with a memorable message entitled ‘Soul Food.’

The impact of this year’s NEXT GEN GLS experience on King’s senior leaders will undoubtedly help shape our College culture well into the future, as students continue to put their leadership skills to the test throughout their areas of influence.

"Helping facilitate the Next Gen Summit taught me as much about being a leader as the speakers did. The last speaker of the day was Bear Grylls who spoke on his experiences and the four principles he has learnt from his journeys. They are Failure, Fear, Fire and Faith. He said that failure is the key to future success as it helps us grow as a leader. Fear and the fear of failure can stop us from achieving our goals which is why we need to move towards them to conquer them. Bear said that fire is something that we all have in us. We can use that to fight against our fears and move towards success. And faith, which is the backbone of all leadership principles, Bear describes it being like a walking crutch. You can always lean on your faith in Jesus. "
"Overall it was an amazing opportunity to see inside the minds of some of the most successful leaders. This was a great time to reflect on the way we lead and what areas we could improve. It was definitely a very beneficial conference and an unforgettable experience."