Term 2 High School's Missions Success


Thanks to our High School community's incredible support of YHAF (You Have A Friend), our College raised $2,432 for the charity this term, which will go towards buying thermal blankets and special outdoor swags for the homeless which is very helpful timing in these cold winter days. We also collected an incredible 2,442 tinned meals for the charity, which they will be able to use to feed those in need. The results of the Can Drive Competition are in and it was Finney House and their F9 PCclass who collected the most cans and earned themselves a 'party' in the Hub at the beginning of Term 3. What an incredible effort from our biggest donators from the following PC classes:

  1. Finney (F9) 372 points
  2. Newton (N9) 340 points
  3. Rayleigh (R7) 222 points
  4. Tyndale (T10) 214 points

Special thanks to our High School families who so generously contributed so that we can help those in need.