The Four Pillars of Academic Success | 1. HOME


During High School assemblies this term, teachers have been discussing the importance of the Four Pillars for effective learning and success, and are currently focussing on Pillar One. It is important that parents are aware of these Pillars to be able to reinforce these important practices at home.

The first Pillar of academic success is HOME because these important practises begin at home - the place where most learning originates. Parents can guide and support students as they endeavour to improve these aspects of their life,  but as capable teenagers, they must take personal responsibility for adopting these habits. There are numerous online articles and videos on Pillar One elements, and we urge parents to review these with your student/s to ensure you are on the right track in terms of this First Pillar of Academic Success. Here are some examples: 

Johan Claassen
Dean of Studies (High School)