The Longest Journey


Our old emotional bruises remain intact when this difficult, long journey isn’t taken. It’s a journey that takes time, courage, and resolve. Sometimes we’re seemingly ‘set up' to take the journey, even when we don’t want to do it. And at other times we seem to be thoroughly stuck with those bruises that cause so much pain and havoc to us, and to those around us.

That journey of course is the one between our heads and our hearts.

We’ve heard and know the very information we need, however, what we believe can be an entirely different matter. Making this journey means taking those truths that you need to know and intentionally spending time thinking about them even though it might feel uncomfortable, strange, or even painful. What are these truths? Although we have some common ones to all of us (such as, “You are loved, and accepted…even when you don’t feel it”), our individual journeys mean we have some unique ones too. They’re worth exploring!

I’m Grant Freeman, Counsellor, and I am at the King's Pimpama campus each Thursday. If you or your child need counselling, please email me at to make arrangements.

Grant Freeman
New Tomorrow Counselling