The Pre-Prep Sports Day - A Highlight for our Youngest King's Kids


In Week 9, our Pre Prep children enjoyed their very first King's Sports event, by participating in the Pre Prep Sports Day. This was a morning of many firsts for our youngest King's Kids; even the 'excursion' down to the sports field was exciting!

In the lead up to our event, the children discovered which sports team they belong to at King's, and learned some new skills as they practised our relay race events and house team war cries. 

There were some children who were a little overwhelmed by all the hype and attention, but all our Pre Prep children persevered, and really enjoyed a wonderful time with their teachers and friends, as well as many parents that were able to join us to watch, and even participate.

We also had the support of some High School student leaders, who modelled and supported the younger children to participate to their best ability.