The Trilogy Projects'... continued

Reedy Creek

Junior (Years 7-8): RIDE, RICARDO, RIDE Took a simple and poignant story by Phil Cummings, set in a mid-century European war context and explored the relationship between a young boy, his father and learning to ride a bike - a metaphor for learning to grow and become independent, especially once the older generation is no longer with us. The Junior students learned so much, with special thanks to Mrs Ellia Davis, who made her directorial debut with this production. Well done to all the cast and creative team, including Rodger Baynes and John Irwin - the geniuses behind making a bike come apart to be rebuilt onstage!

Intermediate (Years 9-10): THEN, NOW, NEXT was a fun and light-hearted celebration of the similarities and differences of Generation X (mostly parents) and Generation Z (the adolescent students) through the process of Verbatim theatre which uses interviews and improvisations to create dramatic action on these topics. We must sincerely thank the generous staff and parents who offered their stories as part of the Verbatim process; the students were very grateful for the vulnerability and humility with which these Gen Xs were willing to open up about their own personal experiences for our benefit. And the talent and creativity of the student performers was superb in bringing those stories to life on stage. Well done to everyone!

Senior (Years 11-12): LEGACY was based around the Ancient Greek story of Theseus and the Minotaur, with a new focus on some of the lesser characters like Ariadne, Aegeus and Aethra to explore familial relationships and the use of subtle manipulation for personal gain. Very quickly, the students realised that this is undoubtedly a universal experience and one that they learned much from examining through a theatrical lens. This production was in the style of Visual & Physical theatre techniques, and now the students have expanded their performance repertoire beyond the traditional models. Congratulations to all our Senior performers, especially our Year 12s: Sara, Dayna, Jake and Toby who really stepped up to lead by example for the younger performers in our ensembles. All of our Seniors were outstanding in their commitment and dedication to refining and polishing their stagecraft. Bravo!

Thanks also to all our parents and families who supported the students throughout the process. We’re so grateful for all the ‘little’ things you do to allow your child to participate in these memorable events.

Mrs Chris Harm
Director of Performing Arts, Reedy Creek