Tyndale Wins Epic Interhouse Basketball Challenge


This week, the Year 5 and 6 Interhouse Basketball Challenge began and concluded in an epic struggle to the top. The challenge is a yearly event in which houses choose their representatives and battle it out on the court! 

The challenge was originally planned for earlier in the term, but the weather had other ideas.  The Basketball Challenge was kicked off with a game between Newton vs Finney, though Newton put up a spectacular fight, Finney was clearly dominating, with a final score 20 - 4 to Finney. The next day at the first break, Rayleigh took up their quarrel with the foe in the form of Tyndale. The game was incredibly close, but it was Tyndale who was able to come out on top. The playoffs were the day after on Wednesday to decide who came third and fourth, but neither Rayleigh nor Newton was willing to give up without a fight. The end result proved this. A tie, 24-24! With the playoffs over, the big day of the finals was here on Thursday 2 June -  Tyndale vs Finney! 

Tyndale’s players showed clear teamwork, scoring 3 pointers and passing exceptionally well. Finney’s fighting spirit took on the vicious essence of a shark, and though both teams were neck-and-neck, Tyndale came out on top, with a score of 37 to 10 proving their worth against the other houses. 

A fun part of the challenge was watching spectators of different houses bonding together and cheering for each other if their house was not on the court. At the end of the finals, the competition evaporated from the air, and all houses again mingled, like the fight never happened. We can't wait for the next Interhouse challenge. Maybe those on the sideline will represent their house next year!

Written by Tirian Whittaker
Year 6 Student