Wellbeing and Chaplaincy Update


Jesus said that 'in this world we will experience troubles and sorrows' and our students, parents and staff are not exempt from these troubles. We live in a world where trouble is common, BUT Jesus promised us that through HIM we can have His SPIRIT in us, PEACE, COURAGE and VICTORY!!

At King’s, Wellbeing and Chaplaincy operate under a multi-dimensional nature that
seeks to target various domains. Wellbeing does not mean the absence of stress or negative emotions. All students will experience vulnerability at different stages of their development and their sense of wellbeing will vary from time to time. Our team exists to help students develop a sense of His PRESENCE, His PEACE, His COURAGE and ultimately VICTORY in their lives as they develop nurturing and sustaining wellbeing skills as part of their lifelong process. 

This term our team have developed programs that equip our students with strategies and skills that build resilience and help students realise their potential, strengths and skills in dealing with the stresses of life, to achieve connection and belonging, and by extension, a real sense of God-given purpose. 

These programs include the following:

  1. Seasons for Growth – Grief and Loss
  2. Inside Out – Emotional resilience
  3. SOAR – Strategies for anxiety
  4. Friendology – Healthy friendships
  5. Game On – Social Skills
  6. Drumming – Emotional regulation
  7. Beat Box – Physical health and fitness
  8. Chic Chat – Body Image, goal setting, role models.
  9. Landscape Legends – My Life Rulz: All my choices matter!
  10. Zarraffas Chats – My Life Rulz: I belong here!

We endeavoured to catch up with every new student welcoming them into our King’s community and were successful even with a constant influx of enrolments every week. In addition, we have held ‘New Student Pizza Parties’ from Years 4 - 10 and a dance party for our younger students in Years 1-3. All students met our Wellbeing Chaplaincy team and were given the opportunity to meet other new students in their year level. Despite the ebbs and flows of this term, it has been a privilege and honour for our team to serve our community and we look forward to another year of growth in 2022.