World Peace Game at King's


Our Deputy Head of Primary, Mr Wilson, is a trained and experienced facilitator of the World Peace Game. This hands-on political simulation game gives players the opportunity to explore the connectedness of the global community through the lens of an economic, social and environmental crisis, with the imminent threat of war. The goal is to extricate each country from dangerous circumstances and achieve global prosperity with the least amount of military intervention. Students are grouped into different nations, and during the game they gain a greater understanding of the impact of information in leading decisions.

Throughout Week 5 of Term 1, Mr Wilson ran the unique World Peace Game simulation with a group of Year 6 students. It was exciting to see our future leaders develop critical thinking skills as they analysed the information they received; effective problem-solving strategies as they worked through various scenarios, and increased collaboration and communication as they worked in teams to pitch their strategies.As one of only a few facilitators of this game in the world, Mr Wilson will be running the World Peace Game with other year levels during the year.

Visit the World Peace Game website