Wriggly Nativity a Big Hit with Youngest King's Kids


Our youngest King's Kids had a wonderful time presenting "A Wriggly Nativity" over two sold-out evenings last week.

All of our Noah's Ark children, from our six Early Learning classes, spent weeks learning songs with our Music teacher Mrs Marjorie Shambrook, making costumes and headbands, and rehearsing on the big stage. 

All children were on stage for our entire performance, singing a variety of fun songs, which helped to tell the Nativity story, along with a few main characters acting out primary parts of the story.

This was a wonderful opportunity for the children to perform and present the story of the first Christmas to their parents, siblings, grandparents and friends, as well as a lovely community-building time where families spent time getting to know each other around the sausage sizzle before and after our presentation.