Write a Book in a Day


In Week 4, Wednesday 3 August, Year 4 Students - Dareen, Ara, Sofia, Ivy, Rumi, Diego, Khrizeah, Sean, Zia and Josie worked together to write and illustrate a book. 

This was for the Kids Cancer Project to raise money for sick children with cancer. Our team name was the Quad Squad. Using the parameters set by the competition organisers, we needed to include characters, which included a web developer and a baseball player as well as a non-human character - a crab. 

The setting of the story was to be a barbecue and the issue of the story needed to be a fear of heights. We were also required to include random words; this included tiptoe, fresh, community, delight and bruised. By using these parameters, we created a book called 'Home run to the Heights'. To give you a clue about the story, the blurb says 'After scoring her team's 100th home run, Abby, and her tech expert brother Michael and her teammates have a BBQ to celebrate, but when a storm comes in and the barbecue has to end, Michael finds a strange creature ....'  We needed teamwork to succeed in writing and illustrating the story. 

The day consisted of a lot of decision-making about where our story was headed. A big thank you to Mrs Whittaker, who gave her time to support us and to share her expertise. The Quad Squad were the best team to work with! We all had fun and really enjoyed the experience. 

Written by Rumi Lee, Year 4 Student