Year 10 Cairns Trip


In Week 5 of Term 2, our King's Pimpama Year 10 students jetted off to tropical Cairns for an unforgettable North Queensland experience. 

Here is one Year 10 student's account for the trip:

My Year 10 Cairns experience is something that I would never forget. At our camp, we did activities like hiking in the Mosman Gorge, Kuranda Sky Rail, snorkelling, Cairns Zoom and Wildlife Dome, and going to the esplanade as well as Port Douglas. Whilst doing these activities, we were able to experience and see things that we would normally not be able to see. For example, when we went snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef, we were able to look at a variety of different types of corals while learning about some of them. 

Another example would be when we went on the Kuranda Sky Rail. If I am being honest, I am terrified of heights and I would be lying if I said the whole experience wasn't scary. At first, when we started to move, my palms went all sweaty and I was regretting my decision of getting on the Sky Rail, but after a few minutes of getting used to the movement and actually trying to enjoy the experience, I was able to enjoy the view and have fun with my friends.  My favourite part of this camp was the chapels we had in the afternoons, after returning from activities because the whole session opened up so many opportunities for everyone. During the session, many people were able to learn about and encounter God and the Holy Spirit, and I think that was what made it especially special. But most importantly, the reason why I was able to enjoy this whole camp would be because of the people I went with. Being able to go on a school camp to Cairns with my friends was probably the best experience I had all year and I hope we would be able to experience something similar in the future.  Janine Park

Thank you to our Chaplaincy team did an incredible job hosting the nighttime chapels and challenged the students to put God at the centre of their life.  It was wonderful to see how respectful and mature our group of students were throughout the trip. 

Travelling to Cairns gave Year 10 students the chance to increase their confidence with more daring activities, gain some perspective, develop growth and independence and make new connections with other students in their year level. A BIG thank you to the teachers who gave up their time to make this trip possible for our students. Well done Year 10 for a memorable trip.  A highlight for the teachers was the time spent snorkelling around the Great Barrier Reef with the pioneering Year 10 cohort.

Mr Jonathan Francis
Head of House - Rayleigh | Senior Industrial Design & Technology Teacher