Year 10's PE Training Day


On Wednesday, 9 March 2022, King's Year 10 PE students participated in a Training Day based on Training Limitations and Recovery. This annual incursion provides a unique learning experience for PE students as part of their assessment. The aim of the Training Day is for students to experience training fatigue, apply recovery techniques and journal their experiences. This year, the Training Day involved resilience training in a huge circuit made up of 17 stations. The students experienced this high-intensity training session with minimal breaks, pushing their bodies to exhaustion. After two gruelling rounds, students implemented their own planned recovery techniques and then endured ice-bath challenges set up by the PE staff. The Training Day was an enjoyable and successful learning experience for the 10 PE students.

Mrs Olivia Goodhue
Head of Health and Physical Education

Year 10 Pe Training Circuit
"My highlight of the incursion was the ice bath challenges. We spent 60 seconds in the ice bath and had three turns each. I feel so much more alert and calm since doing that challenge!"