Year 11 Academic Celebrations


On Wednesday, 17 May, a celebration lunch was held to recognise the outstanding academic achievement of a select group of Year 11 students. Joined by some of our Teaching and Learning team, as well as Mr Vallance and Mr Meyers, students enjoyed a pizza lunch in celebration of their hard work during Unit 1. The lunch was an invitation-only event for students who had demonstrated an outstanding approach towards their studies in Unit 1, both in terms of their academic results and their attitude to learning. We are so proud of their dedication and commitment to their studies. 

We look forward to inviting Year 12 to a similar celebration of their Unit 3 results now that their reports have been released and encourage all our students in their diligence and hard work. 

Congratulations to these Year 11 students for their outstanding academic achievements:

David Johnstone
Ashley Kwon
Mia Ryan
Aclaire Sethakulvichai
Byron Tolhurst
Tamzin Fraser-Buchanan
Kayla Forster
Mihalo Daric
Kaylie Vermooten
Joshua Curgenven
Kyah Anderson
Alisha Holmes
Hamish McKenzie
Erin Dallinger
Mitchell Smith
Isabella Horton
Layla Vlahos
Bethany Vaotuua
Sophie Mayes
Connor Maguire
Billie Burton
Jerome Mak
Liam Davey
Julia Vallance
Ciara Van Dam
Lily Gallagher
Giorgia Brambilla
Ava Edwards
Kari van der Walt
Jessica Salvalaggio
Tikaia Craig
Jamie Doran