Year 11 Camp 2023 | Lake Ainsworth


Year 11 Camp was an experience of cohort-wide growth and bonding between peers. It began with a short bus trip to Lake Ainsworth Recreation Centre on 19 July, where the action really began! Houses immediately embarked on a timeless battle for the Camp Shield in Mr Sutherland’s ‘Survivor’-themed tribal challenges. Day 1 included rock climbing, canoeing and archery tag and saw Tyndale lead the charge from the morning's endeavours. The afternoon session consisted of an epic Amazing Race-style challenge to secure the priceless ‘immunity necklace.’ Tyndale, however, left the door open for Finney to take the lead at the evening auction, ciphering precious points in exchange for cans of drink and chocolate. Rayleigh and Newton trailed in hot pursuit. Chapel that night was especially memorable with energised praise and worship and Jesse Phillips sharing on how to really trust God in your life. 

Day 2 was no less thrilling with a special beach-style ‘Survivor’ challenge. Tug of war and beach sprints were hotly contested between tribes, with several stars becoming sea creature connoisseurs to win valuable points. As the sun set on the beach, Finney defended their lead whilst Newton secured some guilty pleasures with the remainder of their points at that night's auction. Chapel was to be just as impactful as Mr Muir shared his aspirations for the Year 11 cohort to be 'bold in our Christian faith... luminescent enough to be contagious to those around us.' I saw my grade come together in worship in a way we have never experienced before. Following chapel, we gathered to brainstorm the kind of legacy we want to build at King’s, collectively aspiring to create chapels and a culture similar to a ‘glimpse of heaven’ on earth. The future is bright for the up-and-coming seniors of 2024. 

Day 3 finished with a camp-wide scavenger hunt where tribes demonstrated tremendous teamwork and determination to complete the challenges while grasping one singular rope that connected us all. Four flames burned, the crowd was tense, but there would be only one champion crowned. Newton was the first to be extinguished, then Rayleigh. Two left, and in the end, only one flame still burned. Congratulations Finney on a well-earned win! An extra special thanks to Mr Sutherland for all his hard work behind the scenes coordinating camp and designing the incredible ‘Survivor’ themed activities. Thank you to all teachers and the chaplaincy team for being so invested in creating an amazing camp experience and the foundations for allowing my cohort to shine and grow in their own character and leadership influence. We truly are better together. 

By Byron Tolhurst
Year 11 student