Year 11 Students Have Their Day in Court

"Your Honour, I would like to consult with my learned friend regarding those charges…."

Being able to breathe life into theoretical legal studies lessons by seeing the justice system up close, is an invaluable experience. Year 11 students recently visited the criminal and civil Supreme Courts in Brisbane where one group saw how domestic violence impacts people's lives, while the other discovered that a five-year jail sentence was given to an offender who had been selling drugs in the community. 

Not many people can claim to have sat in a Supreme Court Judge’s chair, but our Year 11 Legal class can. Before the court was in session, students were able to move freely around the courtroom to gauge how things look from the dock, jury box, witness box and various other perspectives. They were also given the rare opportunity to go inside the jury deliberation room and to have an incredible 40-minute discussion with a Supreme Court Judge, the Honourable Justice Debra Mullins (Appellate Court). Justice Mullins shed light on the need for better literacy to help reduce crime, and support to help reduce drug offences. She also shared insightful stories about young people who had to forgo schoolies because of their bad choices that broke the law. It was a truly memorable excursion!

Venessa Lean
Year 11 Legal Studies teacher

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