Year 12 Geography Excursion


Our Year 12 Geography class went on an excursion to Palm Beach as part of the Year 12 curriculum. The goal was to gather data for a field report on responding to land cover transformations (IA2). During the trip, we used a variety of methods, such as transects, quadrants, wind observations, and beach slope measurements to collect information about the coastal environment.

We collected data from both an undisturbed and an altered site, which allowed us to see the differences and understand the impact that human activity can have on the coastal environment. We also took into account factors such as land use, erosion, natural processes, indigenous perspectives, and coastal management strategies. The excursion was a valuable learning experience for us as we were able to apply our knowledge to real-life situations and gain a deeper understanding of the complexities involved in coastal management.

Natalie Hocking
Year 12 student