Year 12's Final King's Camp


Our Year 12 cohort headed to Mount Tamborine for their final school camp in Week 1 of Term 1. The theme for their camp was 'Lead with Influence' and focussed on four of King's Foundational Values: Humility, Wisdom, Perseverance and Respect. Throughout their camp, students participated in various competitions in their Houses, learning to work together and utilise everyone’s strengths, in the hope of winning the Noel Collins trophy. After a full few days of friendly rivalry, it was Finney House who claimed the victory - congratulations Finney!

It was wonderful to see our Year 12s uniting together as a cohort, participating enthusiastically and making the most of their last school camp experience together. The Bingo Night was definitely a hit - our students were very creative with their costumes, and Mr Ravell and Mr Davis were very entertaining in their role as ‘oldies’ calling out the numbers. Our Garbage Bag Formal on the second night was an opportunity for students to really use their artistic skills, get out some dance moves and practice showing respect to others. It was lovely to see our emerging gentlemen serving dinner to the young ladies and students engaged in conversation with others outside of their usual friendship groups. Seeing so many students connect with the devotions was a major highlight of this camp. The sound of all the students singing together, the sight of so many students responding to the messages and participating in prayer times, as well as the many conversations about life and faith throughout the camp were all truly heartwarming.

A big thank you to Mr Grady for leading the camp, Mr Muir for organising the night devotions and all the teachers and chaplains who invested their time to make this camp a memorable experience for our students. Well done Year 12 - you all showed what it is to lead with influence and demonstrated what an incredible cohort you are! We hope you enjoyed your final King's camp and that this experience is a stepping stone towards seeing you move throughout this year as a united group because of this shared experience. 

Karley Lonsdale
Year 12 Coordinator (Culture)

"I feel like I learned more about my fellow classmates and that we all get along really well."
"I was challenged in devotions to step out of my comfort zone and fully commit to God without caring what other people thought of me which really helped me grow in faith."
"I enjoyed chapels the most during camp. They were just really authentic for those who were worshipping and praying for each other. Usually I’d be embarrassed or scared to worship but during the camp I felt confident enough and it was a great experience for all those who were serious."
"I was expecting for it to be the best camp and to meet a lot of new people. I really enjoyed the garbage bag formal as I was able to make new friends and connections and also the slip and slide they were both super fun. During devotions and prayer and also leading in all the house challenges really pushed me out of my comfort zone."