Year 12's Triumphant ATAR Results

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Congratulations to King's 2020 cohort, known as the Year of Triumph, on their outstanding ATAR results that were released late last year. The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank is used for university entrance and the highest-ranking on the 2,000 point scale is 99.95, with increments of 0.05.

Year 12 Results

The College had 92 students apply for an ATAR ranking and achieved the following outcomes:

  • 13% received an ATAR of 95 and above
  • 31% received an ATAR of 90 and above
  • 43% received an ATAR of 85 and above
  • 55% received an ATAR of 80 and above
  • The median score was 83 (ATAR of the middle student)

Exceptional Individual Results

Special congratulations to Reuben Drummond (99.9), Jonathan Yang (99.3) and Corban Eriksson (99.2) for placing in the top 1% of all Queensland students. Well done to Shimila Hartley (98.4), Joseph Holden (98.25), Nicole Zhu (97.95) and Amberlyn Lim (97.3) who also earned outstanding results. Reuben Drummond, Corban Eriksson, Shimila Hartley, Shem Lonsdale and Sean Oosthuizen all deserve recognition for receiving an 'A' in all six subjects they studied.

Highest Acheivers Year 12 2020 High Achievers Year 12 2020 1

Exceptional General Subject Results

  • 88% of Drama students received an A
  • 80% of English and Literature Extensions students received an A
  • 67% of Digital Solutions students received an A
  • 67% of Japanese students received an A

It is appropriate to acknowledge the hard work of our College staff who have educated, motivated, encouraged, modelled, prayed for, challenged and applauded this cohort. Year 12 parents must also be thanked for the support and encouragement you provided, not just during this final year of schooling but throughout their education journey. Finally, we must remember that it is the desire of our College to grow and equip our students to be young men and women who lead, inspire, encourage others, share their faith and become people of influence. We believe that King's graduating young men and women are capable of this and much more.

Congratulations ...THE YEAR OF TRIUMPH!