Year 2 Explore the Wonderful World of Minibeasts


Many of our subjects at King's include exciting incursions and excursions throughout the year, giving students a range of interactive experiences to enrich their learning. On Thursday, our Year 2 classes enjoyed an exciting incursion presented by Indi from Wild Rangers where they discovered more about Minibeasts. The students were delighted to encounter a variety of Minibeasts including snails, stick insects, a giant burrowing cockroach, scorpion, tarantula, centipede and a special vertebrate guest who likes to eat bugs. The students were able to look through a magnifying glass to meet 'Fluffy' an Australian Tarantula, who is part of the Arachnid family. They learned many interesting facts about invertebrate groups; the habitats each bug lives in, the food they eat, how they change, defend themselves and how to interact safely with them. 

This incursion extended upon their current unit of learning, which focuses on how living things grow and change and where we can see the fingerprints of God in creation. The children were excited to touch some of the bugs, supporting empathy and a greater understanding of the need to protect these mini beasts and their habitats as an important part of our Ecosystem.