Year 2 MiniBeast Presentation


On Thursday, 2 February, the Year 2 cohort had the exciting opportunity to participate in a Mini Beast incursion hosted by Wild Rangers Wildlife. The incursion was a display of various bugs found in Australia, and it aimed to give the students a hands-on experience with the diverse range of insects that call our country home.

The students were fascinated by the different colours, shapes, and behaviours of the insects, and they listened intently as the presenter shared information about each one.

The presentation was not only a fun and engaging way for the students to learn about insects, but it also helped foster a deeper appreciation for the important role that these creatures play in our ecosystem. By studying insects, the students learned about their biology, anatomy, and the ways in which they contribute to the health of our planet.

In addition, the incursion allowed the students to develop important skills, such as observation, critical thinking, and communication. Through discussions and interactive activities, the students were able to ask questions, make predictions, and share their thoughts and ideas with their classmates.

It was an overall enriching experience for both students and teachers alike.

Mrs Taryn Hoatson
Year 2 Lead Teacher