Year 2s Become Water Wise SuperHeroes

Mrs Malcolm enjoyed touring the Water Wise Year 2 Culminated Learning Project with the students from each of the classes.

Year 2 has been on a journey of discovering and investigating Earth's most precious resource in the lead up to our Culminating Event to Management and the Preps.

They have posed the questions;

- 'Where do we use water?' and
- 'How can we look after our most precious resource?'

We began with a research project to identify sources of water around the College Campus.  We looked at how that water is accessed and ways that it was not being used wisely.

We have learned about the journey of water through its cycle of Condensation, Precipitation, Collection and Evaporation.

Students have been busy creating annotated diagrams, identifying water access points, water wastage points, suggestions on how to help save water, how to use it efficiently and the connection it has to the land and its value to the Indigenous Australians.

From the Year 2 Teaching Team we are very proud of their demonstrated learning.  

Mr Grahame Anderson
Lead Teacher