Year 3 Excursion to the Symphony Orchestra in Brisbane


On Tuesday 3 May, the Year 3 students eagerly boarded buses bound for Brisbane. Our destination: Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) to see the Queensland Symphony Orchestra perform a concert designed particularly for primary school students. The energy levels from year 3 were running high. We arrived just outside the Queensland State Library where we quickly scoffed our morning tea and high tailed the short walk to QPAC.

 Once seated inside the Concert Hall, we were educated and entertained by an incredibly talented group of musicians. The MC for the session introduced each section of the orchestra and they played their instrument so we could hear what each one sounded like. We learnt that an orchestra consists mainly of four groups: percussion, woodwind, brass and strings. Within these groups, we heard about instruments that we didn’t know existed such as the bassoon and the oboe. Once all instruments had been introduced, the orchestra played several different songs that featured a variety of instruments at different moments. The highlight was the orchestra playing music from the movie Harry Potter which many students were familiar with, and it made the students have a real connection with the music.

At the conclusion of the performance, we ate our lunch outside the State Library again before catching the bus home. It was such an incredible experience, and we feel blessed to have the opportunity to watch Queensland’s top musicians.