Year 3's First Taste of Camp


Our Year 3's first school camp experience - their highly-anticipated sleepout - had to be cancelled due to prior rain that saturated King's fields last Friday. The last-minute cancellation was upsetting for everyone involved, but our students showed a great display of resilience as they quickly turned their disappointment into excitement and made the best of the experience. The planned activities still went ahead, and the cohort enjoyed a fun evening at school with their friends, parents and teachers. They were treated to a yummy afternoon tea, enjoyed a Chapel service, played mini golf and basketball, had Subway for dinner, enjoyed searching for clues in the scavenger hunt, found "moon rocks" in the Cola, and finally lit up the Auditorium with some glow sticks while getting ready to watch a movie. Thank you to our Year 3 parents for being ready and willing to camp out on the oval. We hope you still enjoyed our memorable 'camp' experience with the bonus of getting a good night's sleep in your own bed!