Year 4's First Offsite Camp


"Our cohort were excited to arrive at school early on Monday, 21 August, ready to head off on our first camp away from school. After saying goodbye to our parents, we handed our bags to the bus drivers then got on the bus. It was a quick 10-minute trip to our Year 4 camp at Burleigh CYC. When we arrived, the instructors welcomed us, and then we were excited to find out our cabin groups so we could unpack our gear. After a yummy hamburger lunch, we broke into our activity groups and walked through Burleigh National Park to start our first activity rotation. We participated in the ‘Amazing Race' which included rounds of fun challenges with our friends. The second day started with an optional walk at 6am to see the beautiful sunrise at Burleigh Beach. Then we prepared for the day’s first activity which was boogie boarding. Our instructor taught us how to spot rips, about the dangers in the oceans and how to do some tricks on our boards, and it was amazing fun. Our third rotations began after lunch and we were involved in team-building activities that helped us get to know other students better. During chapel that night, we broke into boys' and girls' groups and talked about being an influential leader and how we can show good leadership every day. On the last day, we did our final activity rotation. For me, that was using the giant stand-up paddle boards that can hold 12-13 people. We were very excited to get into the creek with our boards, and after practising how to work as a team, we enjoyed races and relays. After a high-energy morning, we returned to camp and packed our bags for our bus trip back to school. Camp was a magnificent and amazing experience and we are thankful to our parents, the Burleigh CYC instructors and especially our incredible teachers for making this camp possible."

By Caitlin Andersen – Year 4 student